Growing in 2013

This is my first stab at what I will be growing this year:

Potatoes: Duke of York (balcony), Charlotte and Desiree – all now chitting in the kitchen
Garlic: Marco (balcony + to go out on plot)
Brassicas: Broccoli (in plot, looking sad), Cabbage – Durham Early, Red Drumhead, Cauliflower All Year, Swede Joan, Kohlrabi Purple Ballot, Kale Nero di Toscana
Beans: Aquadulce Claudia (in pots on landing), Amythest dwarf, Minidor dwarf, self-saved dwarf, Cherokee trail of tears
Roots: Parsnips, Celeriac Giant Prague and Monarch, Beetroots – Boltardy for pickling, Sanguina, Chioggia, Touchstone Gold, Cardeal – we like beetroot!
Carrots: chanteney red cored, rainbow mix
Courgettes: Lebanese Otto, Yellow, Eight Ball or Tricolour, Green Bush, trailing marrow
Cucumbers: Marketmore 76, Crystal Apple, White
Herby things: Rosemary, parsley, thyme, lavender, sorrel, fennel, dill
Leeks: Autumn Mammouth
Peas: Early Onward, Hurst Greenshaft, Waverex, Kenobi and Kent Blue
Spinach: Scenic, Viroflex Giant Winter
Squash: Autumn Crown, Potimarron, Scallop, Butternut Hunter, Spaghetti, Thelma Sanders, Pumpkin Vif D’Etampes, Sweet Dumpling and Harlequin
Sweetcorn: Sweet Nugget
Tomatoes: Brandywine, Garden Pearl, Roma, 100s&1000s 
Interesting things to try a little of: callalou, cucamelon, cape gooseberry, rosa bianca aubergine, pakchoi

This does seem an awful lot given the space I have ready, or will have ready when they need to go in the ground – I might have to cull it a little!

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