Month: April 2013

I am a bit broken

Today was all about breaking up the new ground for a bed or two. The blackthorn is tenacious and resisted even the mattock we borrowed. And there is also hardcore […]

Strawberry update

I’ve filled 104 pots with strawberry plants – both runners and crowns that I have split. I have no idea what varieties they are, but some of the crowns don’t […]

The Great Race

At home I’ve sown 18 kohlrabi, 12 fennel (despite saying I wasn’t going to this year), 25 rainbow carrots out in a tub on the balcony, 20 spinach, 18 summer […]


Someone’s still doing that @!’&%$!! raindance, aren’t they?! My plot is back to being a bog and just look what’s happened to my trench…I now have a moat. I keep […]


Another short trip up today – back to work tomorrow. I took my seed potatoes up with me, thinking I could stick them in the ground but it was too cold and wet still. When I fell over the compost some of them had an unexpected flight.. I did manage […]

Painting vs digging

Only managed to sneak 2 hours at the plot inbetween a marathon of kitchen and decking painting. I have almost finished digging the trench that will be the new path, and there were a few admiring ‘you’re doing double digging then’. Didn’t feel I needed to disabuse them…I needed all […]

Sunshine and seeds

Fantastic sun this afternoon – and the plot is bathed in it. I can’t tell you how different it feels without the gloom of the hedge running next to it. There are masses of birds on the feeders. I’ve cleared last year’s fennel bed, which I should have done last […]