and then it rainedSomeone’s still doing that @!’&%$!! raindance, aren’t they?! My plot is back to being a bog and just look what’s happened to my trench…I now have a moat.

I keep reading all the blog entries about people putting potatoes in, but, since they can’t swim, the most I can do is stick a few in a bag.

I went away for a long weekend (Glasgow and a little bit of the Scottish west coast, very nice thank you), but forgot to tell Himself to watch the propagator. Came home, put massively leggy squash seedlings in the bin, re-sowed seed. Sigh.

The windowsill seedlings are starting to take off now the sun’s out – bar one aubergine which has sunk into a decline and looks doomed. When I sowed them I was hoping that they would be trouble-free, but blog posts now make think that they are more temperamental than cucumbers. (I feel a bit smug about the latter, since mine did so well last year) I also think I must have reused some of the compost from the unsuccessful first celeriac sowing to prick out other seedlings, because now I seem to have a few volunteers. Hopefully it won’t be too fiddly to rescue them come potting-on time.

My not attending the AGM, plus finding someone else willing to stand for the Committee don’t seem to have worked – I am now a Committee rep (yes, you may doff your cap in my general direction) and the first meeting is this weekend. I need to find someone who went, I’d like to know what happened.

In other news, I have leek. Just the one. Fingers crossed the others are just dawdling.

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