Another short trip up today – back to work tomorrow. I took my seed potatoes up with me, thinking I could stick them in the ground but it was too cold and wet still. When I fell over the compost some of them had an unexpected flight..

I did manage to turn over the bed again, trying to get the soil a bit drier. I have never seen so many worms! 6 barrows of manure last autumn obviously did something good!

more earthworksThe trench is also done, but in my enthusiasm I have probably dug too deep and I’ve gone too close to the neighbouring bed and undermined it. Shoring up is required! My neighbour thinks its hilarious and that I have a new career as a gravedigger…I also noticed that the bed is laid slightly squint to the bottom border, which means remeasuring my carefully cut and painted boards before I take them  up to the plot if I want to straighten it against the line. It might just be too much faffing.

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