Strawberry update

104 strawberry potsI’ve filled 104 pots with strawberry plants – both runners and crowns that I have split. I have no idea what varieties they are, but some of the crowns don’t send out runners from the top, instead the crown extends underground to pop up a few inches away. These are the ones that I have split – though ‘split’ sounds more professional than my method of breaking them apart and hoping for the beswhy the strawberries need tidyingt! They have all been painstakingly (backbreakingly!) cleaned of most of the soil and all of the grubs/baby slugs and the grass growing through them, and potted in a mix of compost and topsoil.

The bed is still about a fifth full of strawberry plants – my neighbours have been invited to come and take a clump or two. Thankfully Wendy wants some – I can’t have any more, I’ve run out of pots!

In other news, most of the kohlrabi is up and onto the windowsill, likewise summer PSB, I’ve sown sunflowers (gift from Mum, packed in 1985!), cucumbers and gherkins (3 each).

Woodchips should finally be delivered to the site this week, so I can get on with my paths on Sunday. Am starting to be in desperate need of free beds at the plot, just when I have carved everything up. Post-work stuff is now most likely to be digging!

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