Month: March 2014

Spud bed digging

Quickish session today – I’ve started on the blue bed, which has a fair few tree roots waving out of it at me. I dig to a spit/spit and a […]

Ill-thought through

Lesson #742 – don’t plant strawberries through weed suppressant membrane. ALL the runners have rooted through it. I’m having to tear it to shreds to get the runners out and they all have a black membrane skirt.  It is going to take me ages. ARGHHHH!!! 20 potted up for the […]

Steady progress on the plot

Fairly productive day so far. The wild garlic is in a big pot, drooping everywhere. I’m sure it will recover, the last batch did with no problems. 3 of the biggest Charlottes are sitting in a bag of manure out on the landing, which has a liberal sprinkling of BFB in […]

Well, this weekend was a bit disappointing in terms of amount of jobs ticked off, but perhaps I overestimated how much two slightly sickly women can achieve. On Michelle’s plot, which handily for all spades/forks etc seems to be sited on an old flint quarry: weeded 2 large and very […]

Spring slowly springing

Not much done on the plot this weekend – a combination of soggy earth and a fall that’s left me a bit hobbly. I am obviously getting old… I stuck out a few broad beans & 2 garlics from home, noticed the kale is slowly bolting (2 flowering plants chopped […]

Lousy weather = playing with seeds

It was a really magical day yesterday. Beautiful ceremony, friendly people, great food (4-tiered cake made of speciality cheese…mmmmmm heaven!) and fantastic music for dancing to. But do to, erm, prosecco ‘injuries’, I’m not up to anything other than some gentle seed sowing and perhaps washing the odd pot or […]