Well, this weekend was a bit disappointing in terms of amount of jobs ticked off, but perhaps I overestimated how much two slightly sickly women can achieve.

On Michelle’s plot, which handily for all spades/forks etc seems to be sited on an old flint quarry: weeded 2 large and very dry/hard beds, put shallots in, collected flints, threw flints into the boundary, and, heart-wrenchingly for me, barrowed weedy turves that had turned into beautiful topsoil after 2 years of being under black plastic to the boundary and tipped it. Michelle, should you ever read this – I still wish I’d been able to trailer it down to my plot!

On my plot: the freebie dalek family has been set up in their final non-bed-shading position and are gradually being filled with manure (forgot to pick up chicken manure, b*gger!); both strawberry beds are weeded-must start watering the pots of runners; 6ft of road has been dug out with a mattock and piled to the side ready for path reinforcements; path between beds has been skimmed of a few inches of topsoil. Would have started woodchipping it, but the overloaded barrow and the barrow-extension-bag fell over (see pic) and I became downcast & in need of wine…

The fruit trees have had a handful of sulphate of potash scattered and one of the manure bags is spread under the quince and apple trees.

There are 5 locoto seedlings up – hopefully enough seeds from this for the seed circle! Am so chuffed given the last lot didn’t come to anything. Cape gooseberry seeds also up and need pricking out tonight. That and sowing carrot seeds. Or parsnip. Hmmmmmmm…..

I am waking up very early most mornings, so am hoping my will power will launch me out of bed and up to the plot to get more work done, ‘cos by ‘eck there’s still a helluva lot to do!

Small edit – Piero’s just back from Devon with wild garlic giftage – a carrier filled with muddy bulbs dug up with Small Child – I’m very pleased!

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