Steady progress on the plot

Fairly productive day so far. The wild garlic is in a big pot, drooping everywhere. I’m sure it will recover, the last batch did with no problems. 3 of the biggest Charlottes are sitting in a bag of manure out on the landing, which has a liberal sprinkling of BFB in it too. I am hoping for a big harvest.

All the broad beans are now out, sprinkled with growmore and watered in lightly. There are 50 plants in there, so the mice snacked on about 50 seeds themselves… Of those some were sown at home and some in pots that were left in the window of my shed. The latter are by far the best plants (though they took forever to germinate) so I must try to remember to do that again. I’ve noticed nearly everyone on my side of the site put theirs in last year and the plants are all very much in flower. Andy’s got some gorgeous looking crimson flowers on his. I suspect that, being a bit late, I’ll have aphid issues…

The next (blue) bed is set up and ready for digging when the soil’s a bit drier. There’s room for one more in front of the shed and one behind it, and that will be that half of the plot completely finished. I would have started on the next one, but my tape measure was missing. Probably the worst excuse in the world – it was pretty cold up there by then! Most likely the next bed will be purple, as I’ve got the boards painted and ready. And 1.1m wide so there’s a decent amount of path next to the shed.

All the people with plum and early pear trees were out with the fleece this afternoon, ready for tonight’s frost.  Harvested a big bunch of kale – which is all I will be bringing home now the PSB has come out to make way for the broadies.

Now I’m stuck in the house while my beloved MX5 gets a new hood. I’ll be delighted that Maud won’t be held together with duct tape and won’t leak any more, but I am twiddling my thumbs here a bit – washing up done, flat hoovered, laundry on, bed remade….etc. I just want to get back outside! I’ve noticed there are a couple of ladybirds on my seedlings and the lemondrop – hope they are munching on aphids, there are certainly enough there for them to have a proper banquet!

It’s also my plot anniversary this week. According to the dates on my photos, 20th March two years ago was my first day working my new plot.

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