Lousy weather = playing with seeds

It was a really magical day yesterday. Beautiful ceremony, friendly people, great food (4-tiered cake made of speciality cheese…mmmmmm heaven!) and fantastic music for dancing to. But do to, erm, prosecco ‘injuries’, I’m not up to anything other than some gentle seed sowing and perhaps washing the odd pot or two. Lousy weather out there anyways.

I made 2 batches of sloe gin with frozen sloes – 1 for me and one for my friend’s first wedding anniversary next March. Think I’ve cracked the recipe I like: 10oz sloes, 1 oz sugar, 3ish almonds, half a bottle of gin.

My sowing list is:
Fennel ( 8 ), leeks (40-50), globe artichokes (5), kohlrabi (10), nasturtiums (10), poached egg plants (6), cornflowers (10), nigella (10)

Yesterday I sowed a planter of chantenay carrots, cape gooseberries (11) and replacement alberto’s locoto rocoto (7).

Edit Tues 4th: All Kent Blues are up, sweet peas are nearly all up a few inches so the Pea Curse has obviously been lifted this year. Whoop! The broadies in the kitchen are poking through, the ones on the landing are beginning to show and the ones in the shed are still non-existent. So a few extra degrees of warmth makes a hell of a lot of difference!

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