Month: June 2014

Milestone – green bed is finished

So tired. From today’s plot efforts, from catering for 11 hungry audio-geeks at our mini-meet, and from jumping up and down to Aerosmith on Clapham Common. Mebbe going back to work will be more restful… Green bed is done, with much mickey-taking by my neighbours about how long it’s taken me. […]

Fruity sauna

From smelling of garlic to whiffing of strawberries. The 5 tiers in the dehydrator took 1.5kg of strawberries and I left it running overnight. It was windy last night and Him Indoors shut the windows to stop the doors rattling. This morning the kitchen was a heady, fruity sauna!  I […]

Threats of Beefheart

The drying garlic is stinking the flat out. Him Indoors says if it doesn’t get relocated PDQ he will be staging a protest. That means Captain Beefheart at top volume, so tomorrow morning it’s all going in the garage….! My Chantenay carrots on the balcony are a complete disaster. The planter […]

Tango’d garlic

The garlic has given up. To be fair it has had a horrible time with rust despite haircuts and careful watering and it’s now gone completely orange. It wasn’t going […]

Rediscovering allotment mojo

I had a fab time in Berlin. The lovely people we were staying with showed me allotments on the old Tempelhof airfield, Prinzessingarten & Dreieck so I can see how the Germans do it.. While I was away it looks like something (a fox?) has had a good roll around in my […]

Compost miscalculation

I’ve resown the achocha, sown the Aeron Purple Star runner beans and run out of compost. Due to a stunning combination of forgetfulness and Him Indoors’s car possibly being beyond repair we’ve let our joint car insurance lapse, so I can’t get anymore till that’s sorted. Other things will just […]

Slugs, slugs,  slugs, slugs, slugs, slugs, slugs

Everywhere there is slug damage. My Trail of Tears beans have vanished, the tops are gone from every sunflower, the beetroot has vanished again, two of the achochas have gone and one of the seed circle courgettes has had the growing tip munched out. That’s it. I am declaring war. […]