Milestone – green bed is finished

So tired. From today’s plot efforts, from catering for 11 hungry audio-geeks at our mini-meet, and from jumping up and down to Aerosmith on Clapham Common. Mebbe going back to work will be more restful…

Green bed is done, with much mickey-taking by my neighbours about how long it’s taken me. It had 5 bags of topsoil added to it and also had a bag of stable manure,, half a bag of MPC & the remains of the BFB. Didn’t have the energy to put the sweetcorn in, that can wait till tomorrow evening – when I might add another couple of barrows of topsoil. I had a fledgling blackbird hopping around me for a bit – poked some worms his way and sat as still as possible to see how long he’d stay. It wasn’t nearly long enough.

This weekend I emptied out the Charlottes bag – 3.35kg from 3 spuds is not bad. Some of them were whoppers. Also harvested nearly 3kg of broad bean pods, which is about a third of the bed, and yet more strawberries. Once the sweetcorn is in, the plan is to take down the rest of the broadies and turn the bed over, before sticking things in that from the culticave (watermelons, cape gooseberries etc). Green manuring anything is thoroughly going out the window…

At least one of the seed-saving courgettes has taken and has now been marked with pink twine. I’m going to try for a few on each plant, because I have no idea how many seeds there will be, or whether they will all make it through.

Really need to make time to pot some things on from the cave, they are bursting out of their pots.

Harvest value now over £100. Even with much of my stuff now being on special offer in the supermarkets.

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