Slugs, slugs,  slugs, slugs, slugs, slugs, slugs

Everywhere there is slug damage. My Trail of Tears beans have vanished, the tops are gone from every sunflower, the beetroot has vanished again, two of the achochas have gone and one of the seed circle courgettes has had the growing tip munched out. That’s it. I am declaring war. Nematodes are on their way and I am going out tomorrow morning with my secateurs nicely sharpened.

I also managed to crispify some seedlings left in the shed, but not watered.

Apart from that, it was a really good day. Three squashes are in square ceramic pots in front of the achocha, the 2 tayberries are finally in the ground and I’ve redone the arch with wire mesh rather than the cheap netting as that should be less of a faff to clean up at the end of the season. I couldn’t set up the beds as I’d hoped, the ground is far, far too swampy – standing water in pools again.

There was some very fresh manure in the bay, like a furnace in the middle! 12 barrows now tucked away into the daleks, including the one that I am using to break down grassy turves in, to add a bit of heart to it.

Alan’s tomatoes are doing really well, and some of mine are looking like they might make a recovery. Putting the be-plantered strawberries in the culticave was a bit of a mistake and they look like they are on their way out. I’ve taken some of the chillies to the plot, and done really well skip-diving at the local garden centre’s pot recycling bin. Lots of big pots this time.

There was a big swarm of honeybees at the plots – when I saw them they were all docile and in a huge heap in a tree. Hope it’s not from one of our hives as the keeper was somewhere on the M6 and wouldn’t make it back by dark.

Things to do tomorrow when I’ve got more compost:
1) re-sow achocha
2) pot on squashes and cukes and leave on balcony for a couple of weeks
3) prick out swedes and remaining seedlings
4) check sowing list for things I have forgotten to put in- winter veg!
5) see if I can set up beds yet at the plot.

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