Inch by inch I’m taming this plot!

The green bed is half done. I forgot I meant only to mattock it and have been sifting in my usual style. Given the amount of couch roots and creeping buttercup I’m quite glad I am doing it this way. The soil is lovely – breaks apart easily and looks like chocolate. I can’t hang on to finish digging before planting it up, so the second arch is up, with borlotti beans at its feet and some sturdy marigolds for the bees.

My flattened spuds have made a bit of a recovery. I had a small furtle in the bags and there are some egg-sized spuds near the top. I’m not sure how much longer I can wait before tipping one out…I have some nematodes in the fridge and one of these mornings I will remember to take the packet with me for watering.

I tried some of the Kent Blues as proper peas, which I am supposedly saving for seed, and they are tasty. If I can figure out where to put them, more peas will be sown asap. I can see why people are such avid fans.

Finally took the growing tips off the broad beans today. They are 5ft high, covered in beans and I am starting to like them. Watch out Piero, you won’t get them all to yourself…! Very little chocolate spot so far so hopefully another month should see that harvest done and the beans in the freezer. That bed and the pink bed are due for green manure this year – first time I have used it.

The 7 courgettes are about to take off. None have male flowers yet, so I had to borrow some pollen on the ends of my fingers – must have looked like a proper mad woman running about the site sticking my fingers in flowers! Going by the last couple of years I will get about 20-odd courgettes per plant – possibly fewer from the ones I am growing for seed. So that’s about 140 courgettes between next week and the beginning of October. Might need to warn my friends…

Still don’t have my oca, sweetcorn, cukes, runner beans, half the squashes, any beetroot, kohlrabi, swedes, parsnips or salsify in the ground. Lots of things in the culticave need potting on. A slight feeling of panic is setting in.

Thought I’d post some pictures of around our field rather than stuff on my plot. So L-R: me at the site entrance for some early watering, some experimental hop rigging, view across the field (my plot starts with my little culticave is in the top righthand corner), view past my plot down to the lower meadow and the bees/best brambles.

at the gates hop rigging across the fielddown to the bees


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