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Started shuttling trays of pots to the greenhouse to grow on in more light than I have at home. Today’s addition was 20 pots of squashes, the second sowing of Kent Blue peas and the rhubarb seedlings. I hope they all like it in there. Not much is happening on plot […]

Speedy trip up to install the auto-opener on the greenhouse. There was something of a minor hitch when I realised I’d left the instructions at home, but thankfully it wasn’t too complicated! And it works really well, which means no more trips up to open and close the window. Spuds are […]

All prepped and ready to go

Hooray, hooray the greenhouse is done. I’ve dug and turned over the claggy clay to a spade’s depth and removed a big tub of bramble roots and buttercups. To enrich it a bit and have it completely ready for swathes of tomatoes I’ve added a few bags of rotted manure, […]

Greenhouse preoccupations

Obviously now it’s up I am spending ALL my plot time in the greenhouse. So far I’ve edged a path with some spare (and a bit dubious rot-wise) old decking and filled it with cardboard and woodchip. I hope that doesn’t mean I have invited a new population of woodlice into […]

New toy!

The premature death of the culticave DID put a lot more pressure on…So, armed with everything I could think of, and after blackmailing Piero into helping for 2 hours, we loaded up the greenhouse into my titchy Mx5 (it’s so handy the roof comes off!) and I drove veeeeery slowly to […]

Storm 1, culticave 0

My first trip up since the storms at the beginning of the week and there’s a fair bit of damage on site. My culticave didn’t survive. It’s over by to the cemetery fence…the wind snapped the guy ropes and it must have cartwheeled over there because my pea seedlings are […]

Gales and horizontal rain

What horrible weather. I had both days free and the plan was to put up my greenhouse. Cue high winds and horizontal rain. In a brief lull the culticave went up as a temporary sanctuary and my peas and onions are tucked up inside. Slugs are already trying to take […]

Ruddy jackdaws!

I came back from the plot this evening and they have had my Kent Blue peas. And beheaded lots of the flowers  – the cerinthe have been hammered. They are funny birds, but right now I wish they would just sod off. So tonight I will be on a potting […]