Speedy trip up to install the auto-opener on the greenhouse. There was something of a minor hitch when I realised I’d left the instructions at home, but thankfully it wasn’t too complicated! And it works really well, which means no more trips up to open and close the window.

Spuds are finally done – the rest of the Charlottes (4 short rows) are now in the green bed. The week of sun has made a hell of a difference to the plot and digging the potato bed was really easy. The top 10cm was a bit of a compacted dry mess from when I forked it over when too wet. These Charlottes should be ready for taking up w/c 02 August. Unintentionally I might have managed to sort some staggered planting this year…

The apple tree is now covered in tight red buds and looks beautiful. I can’t wait to have some apples of my own.

I am running out of h/m compost – I had about 2 bins full of 1 year old compost and it is just not enough. So for this year I need to aim to have 3-4 bins full & brewing away at the end of the season.

The rest of the time was spent watering and putting seedlings in trays of water in the greenhouse as it will be 3-4 days before I can get there again. Some of them are very small and need regular but minimal watering. Sitting their feet in water isn’t ideal but I really have no idea how hot it will get in there while we are away and I really don’t want them to dry out after all the effort of getting them to this stage.

Edit to add: Nothing died!  Got back as the light was fading and had just enough time to plant in the hedge some clumps of wild garlic taken from Small Child’s grandparents’ garden in Devon. Hopefully they will take, if not I’ll pillage some more on the next visit. The riverbank on their property is laden with it.

Also noticed that some nasturtiums are poking up and on #100 the horsetail is emerging in the bottom paths and in my strawberry bed. 

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