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Summer harvests

Update from last night: Took out 2/3 of the broad beans in the green bed. The ground is very compacted and rock hard, so will need digging over before anything […]

Milestone – green bed is finished

So tired. From today’s plot efforts, from catering for 11 hungry audio-geeks at our mini-meet, and from jumping up and down to Aerosmith on Clapham Common. Mebbe going back to work will be more restful… Green bed is done, with much mickey-taking by my neighbours about how long it’s taken me. […]

Fruity sauna

From smelling of garlic to whiffing of strawberries. The 5 tiers in the dehydrator took 1.5kg of strawberries and I left it running overnight. It was windy last night and Him Indoors shut the windows to stop the doors rattling. This morning the kitchen was a heady, fruity sauna!  I […]

Threats of Beefheart

The drying garlic is stinking the flat out. Him Indoors says if it doesn’t get relocated PDQ he will be staging a protest. That means Captain Beefheart at top volume, so tomorrow morning it’s all going in the garage….! My Chantenay carrots on the balcony are a complete disaster. The planter […]

Tango’d garlic

The garlic has given up. To be fair it has had a horrible time with rust despite haircuts and careful watering and it’s now gone completely orange. It wasn’t going […]

Rediscovering allotment mojo

I had a fab time in Berlin. The lovely people we were staying with showed me allotments on the old Tempelhof airfield, Prinzessingarten & Dreieck so I can see how the Germans do it.. While I was away it looks like something (a fox?) has had a good roll around in my […]

Compost miscalculation

I’ve resown the achocha, sown the Aeron Purple Star runner beans and run out of compost. Due to a stunning combination of forgetfulness and Him Indoors’s car possibly being beyond repair we’ve let our joint car insurance lapse, so I can’t get anymore till that’s sorted. Other things will just […]