Started shuttling trays of pots to the greenhouse to grow on in more light than I have at home. Today’s addition was 20 pots of squashes, the second sowing of Kent Blue peas and the rhubarb seedlings. I hope they all like it in there.

Not much is happening on plot 100 – the saffron is dying back so I should be able to lift it in a couple of months. Internet wisdom says to stop watering once the foliage starts going brown so the bulbs don’t rot. That’s easy enough for the potted ones, less easy to manage for the ones in the middle of a bed. Which is another good reason to shift them to their own space.

I finally finished enough digging over on plot 92 to get the Joan J raspberries in. Still got the Polka canes to go. I’ve planted them on a ridge, which will hopefully mean they don’t get too waterlogged in winter. I will be mulching with manure and grass clippings to try and keep the couch and bindweed at bay – I think I got most of the bleedin’ buttercups out.

In a moment of madness I have underplanted the canes with spare strawberry runners. Madness, because every single pot had a red ant nest in it, overboiling with aggression. A few got through the gloves and my hands have quite a few itchy lumps on them now. Attractive.

At home the sprouts and kohlrabi are coming up, as are the carrots. All the other sown seeds germinated apart from the sunflowers and the Baby Blue hubbards. I might get those for next year, I have enough squashes to be getting on with at the moment.

Sowed Kajari melon, yellow courgette, Flat White Boer squash, Sweet Dumpling squash and put Sweet Nugget sweetcorn in to chit. Accidentally dropped the large pot of figlings on my tomato seedlings while I was trying to see through the bag over the pot. I think everyone in the block heard my ‘Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!’ Not many survived the carnage and space needs to be found in the propagator for replacements.

On that note, I’d best be off to look at my seed sowing plan and try and figure out what to do next.

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