Diary 2014

2014 – a review

This was my third year of having a plot – which is still not fully up and running, but there is a lot more to show for this year’s growing than last. I had a go at weighing the harvests and totting up what it would be worth if I’d […]

Fine weather holding…for now

Another really lovely day – starting in North London with mincepies for breakfast at a Forum friend’s and snaffling some excellent spare cookbooks (my favourite winter reading material!) and ending with an impromptu roast dinner with my Mum, which included testing out my saffron in a poached pear recipe. Verdict: as […]

Chilli update

I brought my chillies in a while back. I thought that the fruit on the Padrons would keep growing and I would get a really good late crop from the one that was loaded. That didn’t happen. The tiny fruits just turned red and the plant went brown and crispy. […]

Oca harvests begin

I only had time for a quick visit this weekend – I’ve a couple of fairly hellish weeks at work before I have a break – though that will be for 3 weeks and I really can’t wait. My little Livingstone rhubarb arrived this week. It is titchy! Now tucked up […]

Oca holding on

I switched days at home this week as I was feeling lousy this morning. Popped up briefly to the plot to get some fresh air and see how bad the rain was on the weekend. The verdict is wet, but not too bad. The paths are veeerry slippy though. The […]

Sunny winter workout

Fab session at the plot until the rain set in. I went up via the German bakery in Ham to get some rolls and a piece of cake to go with my coffee. It was all misty in Richmond Park, with deer poking their heads up through it. Beautiful. I […]

Bonfires and land drains

The bonfire on the lower meadow was great. About 70 people came, both the BBQs were going at full pelt and I think we had enough wood to keep the fire going for the whole weekend if we’d wanted…! My bottle of homemade sloe gin didn’t last long (neither did […]