Diary 2014

Progress is hit and miss

As ever, Mum has been brilliant and watered my stuff. We were up in the Peak District and had much cooler weather. However now I am back I see the weeds are taking over in 2 beds and I will need to spend some time getting them back in order […]

Pre-holiday rushes

I am running around like a headless chicken trying to get all things ticked off on my list before we go away – for only FOUR days! Imagine the panic I’d be in if it were a proper holiday! I’d be at DefCon2 verging on 1. With much heaving about, […]

Benefits of the longer days

Lovely long session post-work today – I really needed that and am feeling so relaxed and calm. I got there at about 6ish, armed with leeks, which aren’t in the ground but are at least a step closer. After 4 hours there I have: – watered and turned 2 daleks […]

Hampton Court, some berries and a hotbin

Not had much time at the plot recently. My friend Maggie did a sterling impression of Mrs Overall when helping me move office and we spent a fabulous day at Hampton Court Flower Show as a reward – it’s very handy living nearby. With the river boat just a hop, […]

Plot inspections last night inbetween the showers. We will have a few plots for re-let soon, but what was great to see was how good most of the plots are looking this year. At the plot, I watered the pots as I won’t be back there again till late Thursday […]

Harvest barrow

An allotment first this weekend – having to barrow my harvest to the car!  And Lionel gave me some delicious figs – I wish I had space for a fig tree! […]

Summer harvests

Update from last night: Took out 2/3 of the broad beans in the green bed. The ground is very compacted and rock hard, so will need digging over before anything […]

Milestone – green bed is finished

So tired. From today’s plot efforts, from catering for 11 hungry audio-geeks at our mini-meet, and from jumping up and down to Aerosmith on Clapham Common. Mebbe going back to work will be more restful… Green bed is done, with much mickey-taking by my neighbours about how long it’s taken me. […]