Diary 2014

Sowed sweet peas today. I don’t have a good track record with these so I’ve another couple of packets in stock for if/when these fail…One more hot wax and one aubergine too. I’ve given up on the others, I could see some tiny weird see-through/whiteish wormy things in the compost […]

Hooray hooray I have a soakaway!!

Not a big one, because it sends some of the water down the north edge of my new neighbour-to-be, but enough to mostly drain the moat that was the lower path. The stuff under the water is thick with slimy algae.  In the search for silver linings, I am glad […]

It turns out taking down an old (really quite old) greenhouse is at least twice as difficult as I thought it would be, and Hastings is surprisingly far away! I spent most of last night looking at threads on taking a greenhouse apart, packed 2 boxes of gear in readiness […]

New structures

Cleared out my garage so my leaky convertible has a house and can stop hosting puddles in the footwells and the seats. Took up 6 x 60L bags of compressed leaves from the garage to the plot, which is even more boggy than before. I didn’t think that was possible! At […]

This weekend I bought some twigs from Wilcos – the dog roses have been soaked and heeled in at the plot for prettifying the hedge later in the year and the loganberry is soaking in the kitchen to be potted up later tonight. Most of my seeds have arrived now […]

Two butts are better than one

Today I are mostly…squelching about & setting up water butts.  I also took some snaps of the informal pond that is my plot. Will definitely think about digging some form of trench/pond over the next few weeks. The second (free!) water butt is finally up, and has been filled with […]

Growing in 2014

Happy New Year – Happy new growing plan! This is where I am at for 2014, already a huge advance on 2013 and leaps and bounds ahead of my first year.Potatoes: Lady Christl, Charlotte – no maincrop this year unless v small amounts because of lack of storage at homePentland […]