Sunny winter workout

Fab session at the plot until the rain set in. I went up via the German bakery in Ham to get some rolls and a piece of cake to go with my coffee. It was all misty in Richmond Park, with deer poking their heads up through it. Beautiful.

I spent 4 hours lopping blackthorn, fighting my way through on the other side of the fence behind sheds and wrestling the cut bits through the barbed wire to my side. I’ve a pile for burning and a pile to weave amongst the back trunks to make shelter for anything that wants/needs it.

hedge after trim hedge during trim




Had to leave sorting out the path & emptying the full water butt till another time – not just because of the rain but also I am POOPED. Picked a couple of leeks for dinner, plus a double handful of chillies from the last plant to be left outside.

I’ve sent off for the forms from Suttons that will get a 40% discount on seeds for the site, and am putting some info together for the seed circle I hope to start next season. I’ve been speaking to a few people around and about and think there will be a enough takers. Seed circles are addictive.

I’m going to spend the rest of the afternoon packing up seeds for the Forum Circle and putting some fresh seed into baked rice to dry out. And making some quince jelly and this year’s final batch of sloe gin – should be ready around Easter.

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