Oca holding on

I switched days at home this week as I was feeling lousy this morning. Popped up briefly to the plot to get some fresh air and see how bad the rain was on the weekend. The verdict is wet, but not too bad. The paths are veeerry slippy though.

The Christmas Pippin has something weird on its trunk – clusters of pink suckers/roots just below the graft. Am thinking it might be a reaction to being just too wet – there is water everywhere. I tried adding some woodash and an inch or so of compost, just to soak up some of it.

check out that compostI am seriously impressed with my homemade compost – it’s dark, crumbly, lovely stuff that is 2 years old. I’ve added chopped nettles and comfrey to the manure and chopped all the veggie debris so it rots more quickly. Just wish I had more of it! The site’s manure compound is empty at the moment, hopefully more will arrive soon, I could do with topping all the bins up.

oca still aliveThe oca is clinging on to life. The topgrowth has been frosted, but underneath the plants seem happily alive still – the ones in the spud bag are doing best. I think tonight’s freezing fog might do for it though.

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