Fantastic, glorious sunshine – and a new path!

And to round the day off there is a gorgeous emerald-green parakeet on my window feeder, lit up by a sunset sunbeam and scoffing sunflower seeds. The great spotted woodpecker is back too and was hammering away at the fatball this morning.

There were lots of people up at the site today, making the most of the sun. Despite the land drain, the main path is rapidly turning into a mudslide and water from the top end where I am doesn’t seem to be draining down. As I’ve said, it’s made no real difference to my plot. But there is water running down the drain – the pond at the bottom has had to have a small bank built to stop it overflowing either into the lower meadow or back to where Andy’s bees are.

I spent quite a few hours sorting out my main path. I got rid of the carpet of weeds, levelled it as best I could, put down some thick cardboard and topped that with about 10 barrows of woodchip. It’s still very squishy by the lefthand navy bed, but I am hoping that the woodchip will soak up some of the wet and it will settle. And it looks FAB. I daydream quite a bit about the plot being finished – it’s great when it starts looking like it does in my head.

The shed now has a channel dug on the west side so hopefully that will be enough to drain out water from around the quince growing against it. I also emptied out the trug of horseradish, but after 2 years it’s not much good – all thin stringy roots that are a bit useless. I’ve binned it and learned not to grow it in a shallowish tub… There is loads on site or by the Thames around Ham so I can always dig a bit up if I want some. I don’t really want to grow it in the ground, seeing on other plots how invasive it is.

I picked some kale for dinner – am making a faffy veggie galette that Piero spotted in the Guardian. (He’s been inspired by the interior design series on the Beeb and is re-covering a lamp. We both hoovered up the mini-mince pies made with Diane’s special no-cook mincemeat yesterday, so I have to make some more…) The kale is being thoroughly attacked by tiny slugs and a good 30% is unuse-able. Need to sort them out somehow if the weather doesn’t get cooler sooner.

My potatoes are sorted for next year – 1.5kg each of Charlotte and Lady Christl ordered from DT Brown with this weekend’s free postage, together with a Livingstone rhubarb crown. The other seed circle I am in has some true potato seed in it, and I am really looking forward to growing those too, though I’m not quite sure what I do with them yet.

PS Oca still very much alive – it just doesn’t give up!

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