Aubergine flower!

Woo-hooo! I have an aubergine flower! Just when I was giving up on them too. So back into the cave they went last night, and the cape gooseberries are now outside in my Pot Paradise with my overspill chillies, rhubarb, blackcurrants and lovely, lovely horseradish. A few of the lemon […]

Progress report

Much cooler at the allotments this week. The tomatoes are starting to go orange finally but the 100s&1000s are very thick skinned. I’ve had to evict the aubergines from the culticave – no room at the inn for them now the chillies are rocketing up. (though I might stick them back […]


This morning was supposed to be easy – a quick run to get decking and essential shed supplies. But I had forgotten about the FATBERG! Stuck in crawling traffic for over an hour, with a crash on the A3 to stop me going the other way. So allotment time was […]

It’s done, it’s done, it’s DONE!!!

The green bed has finally had all the brambles, blackthorn and road remnants taken out, 5 barrows of spare soil added to replace everything that has been chucked in the hedge and has been planted up with celeriac, summer (!) PSB, a few swedes, and some leftover chicory. The kohlrabi […]

Turbo-charged plants

I’ve been away again, this time to the chilly Norfolk coast and leaving Mum in charge of the hose at the plot. In 4 days the good news is the: sweetcorn has grown about 6 inches and I have a skinny cob or two with silks; tomatoes have gone nuts […]

The good and the bad, no ugly

Hampton Court Flower Show was a really good day out, though a bit light on the veggies – and my swag bag at the end of the day was full of tayberries and herbs, but my goodness it was hot! In my ever-changing plans for the plot, these are going […]

Watering never ends

Watered, watered, watered. Admired Lionel’s sweetcorn which is 3 times the size of mine – must think about a windbreak for the plants as I reckon that’s part of his secret. I could ask, but that would take all the fun out of guessing…! The spindly squashes look like they […]