Happy skipper

The public loos near me have been sold off and are being converted into a cafe. (because Surbiton really needs another cafe within spitting distance of the other umpteen…) But it means I have found some odd lengths of wood, some ceramic cubes and some bricks in their skip.  The […]

Mad dogs and allotmenteers…

I’ve had to invest in some allotment hot weather gear – linen long-sleeved shirts and a natty stetson-style hat. One of the guys keeled over yesterday – one minute upright and being bossed by his wife, then next on all fours being sick. It gets H.O.T. on the site and […]

Must. Find. Netting.

I know it’s in the shed somewhere, and I’ve found all the brassica netting. I just cannot put my fingers on the bird netting for the strawberries. I can see that the birds are having a pop at the unripe redcurrants (which are with the strawbs) so if I want […]

Allotment no-no?

Popped up post-work last night for an aspirational digging session. I had to spend about 20 minutes in the car waiting for the rain to stop – obviously praising myself for my commitment on a Monday night. I did do a bit of digging as well as pottering about and […]

Surprisingly pleasant digging

Oh I am tired! Double dug 2.4m of the new 4.8m purple bed. Apart from the tree roots it was actually a lot easier than some of the others have been. There are very few weeds and the soil is quite crumbly, though very clay-ey underneath. Half the remainder was […]

Nipped up yesterday to winkle out some woodchip from the compound’s edges so the path is done between the blue and purple beds. The new couple further down the slope have put in 6 raised beds and it looks great – like elves have been and sorted things! Lovely Lionel […]

Spuds are up

Weekend in Glasgow, so not a lot of time messing about at the allotment. I did manage a couple of hours, but am feeling a little ‘jaded’. No frost damage up at the plot and all the potatoes are now through. Slugs have had the globe artichokes, so I might […]

In the doghouse…

Him Indoors has spotted the green paint. Pointed comments have been made. Compounded my error by leaving the soil-covered sweetcorn forks I use to prick out seedlings in a spot where they could be mistaken for being clean. Luckily he saw the compost before putting fork & melon in his mouth… […]