Benefits of the longer days

Lovely long session post-work today – I really needed that and am feeling so relaxed and calm. I got there at about 6ish, armed with leeks, which aren’t in the ground but are at least a step closer. After 4 hours there I have: – watered and turned 2 daleks […]

Hampton Court, some berries and a hotbin

Not had much time at the plot recently. My friend Maggie did a sterling impression of Mrs Overall when helping me move office and we spent a fabulous day at Hampton Court Flower Show as a reward – it’s very handy living nearby. With the river boat just a hop, […]

Plot inspections last night inbetween the showers. We will have a few plots for re-let soon, but what was great to see was how good most of the plots are looking this year. At the plot, I watered the pots as I won’t be back there again till late Thursday […]

Harvest barrow

An allotment first this weekend – having to barrow my harvest to the car!  And Lionel gave me some delicious figs – I wish I had space for a fig tree! […]

Summer harvests

Update from last night: Took out 2/3 of the broad beans in the green bed. The ground is very compacted and rock hard, so will need digging over before anything […]

Milestone – green bed is finished

So tired. From today’s plot efforts, from catering for 11 hungry audio-geeks at our mini-meet, and from jumping up and down to Aerosmith on Clapham Common. Mebbe going back to work will be more restful… Green bed is done, with much mickey-taking by my neighbours about how long it’s taken me. […]

Fruity sauna

From smelling of garlic to whiffing of strawberries. The 5 tiers in the dehydrator took 1.5kg of strawberries and I left it running overnight. It was windy last night and Him Indoors shut the windows to stop the doors rattling. This morning the kitchen was a heady, fruity sauna!  I […]

Threats of Beefheart

The drying garlic is stinking the flat out. Him Indoors says if it doesn’t get relocated PDQ he will be staging a protest. That means Captain Beefheart at top volume, so tomorrow morning it’s all going in the garage….! My Chantenay carrots on the balcony are a complete disaster. The planter […]