Tango’d garlic

The garlic has given up. To be fair it has had a horrible time with rust despite haircuts and careful watering and it’s now gone completely orange. It wasn’t going […]

Rediscovering allotment mojo

I had a fab time in Berlin. The lovely people we were staying with showed me allotments on the old Tempelhof airfield, Prinzessingarten & Dreieck so I can see how the Germans do it.. While I was away it looks like something (a fox?) has had a good roll around in my […]

Compost miscalculation

I’ve resown the achocha, sown the Aeron Purple Star runner beans and run out of compost. Due to a stunning combination of forgetfulness and Him Indoors’s car possibly being beyond repair we’ve let our joint car insurance lapse, so I can’t get anymore till that’s sorted. Other things will just […]

Slugs, slugs,  slugs, slugs, slugs, slugs, slugs

Everywhere there is slug damage. My Trail of Tears beans have vanished, the tops are gone from every sunflower, the beetroot has vanished again, two of the achochas have gone and one of the seed circle courgettes has had the growing tip munched out. That’s it. I am declaring war. […]

Comfrey and winter veg calculations

My 4 comfrey babies arrived yesterday in useful looking plastic tubes. They are now in pots in the kitchen, getting used to their brave new world. Potted on all the french and borlotti beans, pricked out umpteen basil seedlings and ate the rest when I got bored. Also pricked out […]

Too much weather

Yesterday was so hot I got a bit wobbly from being in the sun, and today it was raining by 5am and still hasn’t stopped. On Sunday I set up […]

Early starts

I’m starting early working at the plot – it’s so much cooler then and I have the place to myself until the early waterers drift in from about 7am. I have some amazing-looking brassicas from a friend – they make my seedlings look awfully scrawny! Finished sorting the trellis, which had […]