Watering never ends

Watered, watered, watered. Admired Lionel’s sweetcorn which is 3 times the size of mine – must think about a windbreak for the plants as I reckon that’s part of his secret. I could ask, but that would take all the fun out of guessing…!

The spindly squashes look like they have given up, but luckily I found a BNS and Kabocha hiding on the balcony so they can go in instead tomorrow.  Then it needs planting up with some golden purslane and that’s done. I’ve tied up the cornflowers which were bending too far – it’s very windy this morning, and also fixed a brace for one of the small apple branches as I’d hate for it to snap in the wind. The Cosmos are just breaking out into a mass of flowers and look beautiful.

The green bed will be finished by the end of the weekend I hope, and all my brassicas will be going in there, which should de-plant the balcony a fair bit.

My ceiling hooks have arrived for the shed so I can hang the watering cans out of the way, and then I need to organise some proper tool storage/racks so that everything isn’t ‘stored’ on the floor! And the shed needs repainting and the additional floor putting in to stabilise it a bit more. I guess that can all wait till that pesky green bed is done.

One nagging thing is that there’s something wrong with one of the Invicta bushes – the leaves are all brown at the edges and there is absolutely no new growth. I can’t see any eggs or caterpillars, and am a bit bemused at what’s wrong with it.

Hampton Court Flower Show with Angela tomorrow – can’t wait!

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