Still can’t grow a decent swede

It’s getting crowded in here: 5 chillies on the bedroom windowsill, 4 more on the landing with 2 cape gooseberries for company, 2 aubergines in the spare room (with fruit on *smugface*). Him Indoors just sighs now. Which is good, because there are 2 habaneros and 2 lemondrops still up in […]

Great Chilli Rescue

It was a very quick trip this morning to start the Great Chilli Rescue – sneaking pots of plants into the flat and onto the landing. I brought home 3 […]

Beetroot cake, anyone?

Fabulous day at the plot – sunny and a little breezy. I don’t think that the tomatoes are going to last much longer, so I’m cutting branches to pick the fruit. The plants look knackered. I picked and picked, but there are still so many left! It’s been such a […]

Harvest festival

I went round to Mum’s and picked up a carrier of windfall Bramleys. And then I remembered seeing all the blackthorn in blossom over the fields, so I thought I […]

Racing the sunset

Another quick visit tonight – it’s hard to get much done when the sun sets an hour after I get there! I may need to get my head torch out… A lovely side of allotmenteering seen tonight: a very kind person has found my missing glove and left it on a […]

Cover your ears…

AAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHH! I took a sneaky peek at how full my waterbutt is  after all this rain (very full, almost to the brim!). In the process I’ve bust the careful balancing act inside it and the downpipe is no longer attached to the guttering. So now I have to get up […]

Rain stops play

Am sitting on the edge of the sofa, watching the rain come down. Today I was supposed to be digging up the Desirees and marking out the blue bed. And doing some much-missed digging. Mebbe I can sneak up in a few hours. So…..instead I’ve ordered seeds and done some […]