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Turbo-charged plants

I’ve been away again, this time to the chilly Norfolk coast and leaving Mum in charge of the hose at the plot. In 4 days the good news is the: sweetcorn has grown about 6 inches and I have a skinny cob or two with silks; tomatoes have gone nuts […]

The good and the bad, no ugly

Hampton Court Flower Show was a really good day out, though a bit light on the veggies – and my swag bag at the end of the day was full of tayberries and herbs, but my goodness it was hot! In my ever-changing plans for the plot, these are going […]

Watering never ends

Watered, watered, watered. Admired Lionel’s sweetcorn which is 3 times the size of mine – must think about a windbreak for the plants as I reckon that’s part of his secret. I could ask, but that would take all the fun out of guessing…! The spindly squashes look like they […]

Knight with shiny watering cans

I’ve not been at all well this week, so Him Indoors has been mostly in charge of watering… Despite him saying he might kill things he seems to have done a really good job and everything (bar the dismal garlic) is on the move – we’ve had 2 litres of […]

Sun stops play

This is more like half an update – other stuff got in the way of going to the plot yesterday, and this morning I got quite sunburned so have come […]