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Is it dead?

My lesson today: I brought a tiny pomegranate seedling back from Paolo’s garden in Rimini last year. All its leaves fell off and as it looked dead I chucked it to the bottom of the shed. I saw it by chance today and noticed new leaves on the tiny stem. […]

Early onset panic

Sometimes allotmenteering isn’t all that fun. I am so behind on the bed prep. And Nature is choosing to go for things I really like. A lot of my beautiful pear tree’s leaves are covered in bright pink blisters, which the internet tells me is pear blister mite and, short […]


The blue bed is DONE! Yippeeeeeeee!!!!! It took me 6 hours and I hurt all over. I am going to have the longest, hottest shower, a glass of something lovely and a stonkingly good dinner. I have earned it. It’s not so much digging as hoiking out a spit or […]

Spud bed digging

Quickish session today – I’ve started on the blue bed, which has a fair few tree roots waving out of it at me. I dig to a spit/spit and a […]

Ill-thought through

Lesson #742 – don’t plant strawberries through weed suppressant membrane. ALL the runners have rooted through it. I’m having to tear it to shreds to get the runners out and they all have a black membrane skirt.  It is going to take me ages. ARGHHHH!!! 20 potted up for the […]

Steady progress on the plot

Fairly productive day so far. The wild garlic is in a big pot, drooping everywhere. I’m sure it will recover, the last batch did with no problems. 3 of the biggest Charlottes are sitting in a bag of manure out on the landing, which has a liberal sprinkling of BFB in […]

Well, this weekend was a bit disappointing in terms of amount of jobs ticked off, but perhaps I overestimated how much two slightly sickly women can achieve. On Michelle’s plot, which handily for all spades/forks etc seems to be sited on an old flint quarry: weeded 2 large and very […]

Spring slowly springing

Not much done on the plot this weekend – a combination of soggy earth and a fall that’s left me a bit hobbly. I am obviously getting old… I stuck out a few broad beans & 2 garlics from home, noticed the kale is slowly bolting (2 flowering plants chopped […]