Diary 2013

Cover your ears…

AAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHH! I took a sneaky peek at how full my waterbutt is  after all this rain (very full, almost to the brim!). In the process I’ve bust the careful balancing act inside it and the downpipe is no longer attached to the guttering. So now I have to get up […]

Rain stops play

Am sitting on the edge of the sofa, watching the rain come down. Today I was supposed to be digging up the Desirees and marking out the blue bed. And doing some much-missed digging. Mebbe I can sneak up in a few hours. So…..instead I’ve ordered seeds and done some […]

Hoping for an Indian summer

Not much done at the plot this weekend – a combination of rain and socialising. I’ve just realised that I’m not going to be around much on the weekends between now and mid-November, so plot-work will be confined to Fridays and as much post or pre-work time as there is […]

Typhoid Marys

I am thoroughly encoldened. I blame commuting on the tube. Everyone’s back from their holidays with a new set of germs… I’ve also nettled my fingertips through thin gloves. Typing […]

Quince planting

Yesterday was a full afternoon down at the plot, and by the end of it I couldn’t move. I’ve had too much time off from digging and got soft… But at […]

Don’t shake the bottle!

Forgot my phone today, so sadly there are no pictures of the now rather natty looking shed, with its guttering painstakingly re-fitted and the level measured to make sure water flows the right way. That sounds obvious I know, but for the last 10 months one end has been listing […]

New pear tree

Not so much actual plot work done today or yesterday, but I have nearly finished re-painting the shed and putting on all the extra pieces of wood that came with the kit last October. The only trouble being that a) some of them are missing, and b) the instructions are […]

Time flies…

A supposedly quick trip up today turned into more time than I want to admit… Trimmed the grass, evicted 4 frogs from under a rotting wood panel (panel to be […]