Hoping for an Indian summer

Not much done at the plot this weekend – a combination of rain and socialising. I’ve just realised that I’m not going to be around much on the weekends between now and mid-November, so plot-work will be confined to Fridays and as much post or pre-work time as there is with days getting shorter.

I’ve potted on the kale and the spinach, and pulled up another BNS that isn’t going to come to anything this season. There are 2 new squashes in the bed, which seem to be Autumn Crown, but they are teeny. Please, please let there be an Indian Summer, I’d like to add these to the squash collection!

One of the poppy heads was opening, and a phenomenal amount of seed has come out of just one little pod. It’s ingenious how they open – have taken the seedhead home to cut open and see how it works.

More corn harvested – tried not to wince when Him Indoor’s sister said thanks, and that she would think about cooking hers on Tuesday…there’s me running home to get the water on as soon as I’ve picked it!

I’m starting to go through the 2 strawberry beds. Quite a few are still cropping and are flowering away merrily – these are the plants I really want runners from. Plus some of the Honeyoye for some early fruit. I think about 20 should see me happily stocked up for next year, which means I am binning 90% of all the runners that the plants are throwing out. It does seem like a bit of a waste…

The tomatoes are doing well. The Tigerellas are nearly done, the Green Zebras have a truss or two to turn and the Black Russians look like they are all going red at exactly the same time. I’ve changed the cave doors to mesh again to dry out the plastic, and hopefully by the end of the week I can have a small glut to turn into sauce. (need to make room in the freezer!)

All this seed talk on the forum is feeding my seedaholism – I think I am mostly sorted for next year with the remains of this year’s seed supply. My weak spot is squashes and there is a particularly good selection of varieties I don’t have here:http://www.plant-world-seeds.com/store/view_squashes_pumpkins An even more bewildering range is here:http://www.rareseeds.com/store/vegetables/squash/winter-squash/?F_All=Y though it’s in the US and I’m not sure about importing. However, guess where I am going in October….?!

Note to self: all squash links added to seed list…

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