Time flies…

A supposedly quick trip up today turned into more time than I want to admit…

Trimmed the grass, evicted 4 frogs from under a rotting wood panel (panel to be burned or re-created as a frog hotel elsewhere), added manure and veg leaves to the dalek (it is roasting in there!), re-did the water butt platform so it sits flush with ground level, tidied cordon tomatoes which all fell over in the cave move, and sorted out the cucumbers who had got themselves into an unruly tangle. Loads of baby cukes are on the vines, I hope I have more soon.

I keep eyeing the bit of bed that had/has charlottes in and wondering what I might put in there – I need a constant reminder that The Bed Is Moving in September and planting there now Would Be Foolish.

Harvested: purple beans, chillies, cucumbers, cape gooseberries, strawberries, tomatoes, carrots. Munched on a lot of golden purslane and a kindly plotholder gave me a bag of delicious plums. The carrots are amazing, lovely and straight, no fly at all and very sweet. But the rainbow mix is just orange and white (and green shoulders from me not being careful!). The other colours must be lurking at the bottom of the packet…

I’d love to pick some of the sweetcorn, but it’s not quite there yet.

archTasks I need to do include more pot washing (done 40 so far and there are at least another 40 to do by the sink) and sorting out what runners I want from the strawberries. I really want lots from the everbearers, and some from the honeyoye to replace some of the strawberries that look like they are struggling a bit or are alpines.

And just for Alan, here are some pics of the rather fabulous Our Lady of the Plots (and one of my bean arch, which is just for me).


Bird's eye view of scarecrowScarecrow 1  Scarecrow

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