Rain stops play

Am sitting on the edge of the sofa, watching the rain come down. Today I was supposed to be digging up the Desirees and marking out the blue bed. And doing some much-missed digging. Mebbe I can sneak up in a few hours.

So…..instead I’ve ordered seeds and done some planning for next year. On their way are some interesting squashes (that makes 19 varieties *wince*), blue lake french beans, sugar snap peas, and some tomatoes – maskotka, black sea man and more 100s&1000s because they have turned out so prolific and tasty. That should see me sorted for next year.

Last night I checked over the growhouse and I might just have an aubergine. Also picked caterpillars off the tomatoes (threw them into the bushes, I don’t have the heart to squash anything bar slugs) a couple of litres of 100s&1000s, some tigerellas & black russians, a double handful of strawberries & cape gooseberries, some chillies and I walked past the purple beans with eyes firmly shut!

Categories: Diary 2013