New pear tree

Not so much actual plot work done today or yesterday, but I have nearly finished re-painting the shed and putting on all the extra pieces of wood that came with the kit last October. The only trouble being that a) some of them are missing, and b) the instructions are in squinty vision and jump from E to K – that’s not the way I was taught the alphabet! So I am left with a small pile of bits and no idea really where they go.

Will post a picture when it’s done and looking pretty – before all the winter rain comes and spluts mud on the white bits.

I bribed Mum into driving me to Brogdale so I could pick up the first of 2 trees – Doyenne du Comice espalier. Lucky it was just the one too, as it only barely fitted in the car when off the frame. An Ashmeads Kernel espalier will be delivered later on in the year, so I’d better get cracking with the digging again! Forgot to ask about maximum width for the tree’s arms, so I need to find that out before thwacking in the support posts.

It poured with rain there and back, but managed to hold off a little when we were there. Mum managed to get around every single one of their shops and I have a lovely bottle of rhubarb vodka that I can’t imagine will last long… It was their Cider Festival, so we also came away with a few pints of Woolly Pig, which is making my eyes go a bit wiggly.

Plot day tomorrow, rain permitting.

Edit: Note to self. Don’t leave your best rigger gloves in an open culticave and expect them to be there the next day. Not with foxes, cats and squirrels about!

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