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Painting vs digging

Only managed to sneak 2 hours at the plot inbetween a marathon of kitchen and decking painting. I have almost finished digging the trench that will be the new path, and there were a few admiring ‘you’re doing double digging then’. Didn’t feel I needed to disabuse them…I needed all […]

Sunshine and seeds

Fantastic sun this afternoon – and the plot is bathed in it. I can’t tell you how different it feels without the gloom of the hedge running next to it. There are masses of birds on the feeders. I’ve cleared last year’s fennel bed, which I should have done last […]

Pre-land grab clearances

This week is hedge clearing. It took me 4 hours, and now I’m struggling to move, but I have pretty much done it!  Huzzah!! My pictures were a bit dim and and wobbly – I was so tired my hands were shaking. But all the bramble and blackthorn from the […]

Rain rain go away…

The wet theme continues…so still no work on the plot. It’s incredibly frustrating! I’ve got a week off over Easter and I’m hoping the weather will be drier for then so I can get some work done. I still need to turn about 30% of my plot into beds, plant […]

Maracas at the ready

This update has theme music….get those maracas moving & start humming Guatanamera because I have: …3 habaneros, oh yes! and 2 jalapenos….(repeat to fade) Makes up for the fact that my carefully pre-soaked boltardy were probably drowned rather than soaked and my sweetpeas are cursed. I’ve got some cosmos coming up and […]

Finally a bit of warmth

It’s getting warmer….and drier!! Whoop!! The broad beans are looking happy and bigger. Managed to turn over the potato bed, my first proper digging of the season and I left […]

Growing in 2013

This is my first stab at what I will be growing this year: Potatoes: Duke of York (balcony), Charlotte and Desiree – all now chitting in the kitchen Garlic: Marco (balcony + to go out on plot) Brassicas: Broccoli (in plot, looking sad), Cabbage – Durham Early, Red Drumhead, Cauliflower […]