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2 hours at the plot tonight, mostly digging up and sifting soil for the top bed to 1.5 spits deep – so nearly double digging… It’s very slow work, probably not completely necessary and I am sure that my neighbours think that I am insane. This is where my inherited […]

Dry days and sunshine

While I don’t want to put a hex on, it’s really getting dry up at the plot. Mine’s a complete suntrap and I’m already carting watering cans about. I am very […]

I am a bit broken

Today was all about breaking up the new ground for a bed or two. The blackthorn is tenacious and resisted even the mattock we borrowed. And there is also hardcore […]

Strawberry update

I’ve filled 104 pots with strawberry plants – both runners and crowns that I have split. I have no idea what varieties they are, but some of the crowns don’t […]

The Great Race

At home I’ve sown 18 kohlrabi, 12 fennel (despite saying I wasn’t going to this year), 25 rainbow carrots out in a tub on the balcony, 20 spinach, 18 summer […]


Someone’s still doing that @!’&%$!! raindance, aren’t they?! My plot is back to being a bog and just look what’s happened to my trench…I now have a moat. I keep […]


Another short trip up today – back to work tomorrow. I took my seed potatoes up with me, thinking I could stick them in the ground but it was too cold and wet still. When I fell over the compost some of them had an unexpected flight.. I did manage […]