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Return of the mojo

My allotment mojo is back – hurrah!! I was worried for a bit it had gone for good. I am in the doghouse at home though, for forgetting the time tonight and failing to make good my promise to make fruit salad for Him Indoors… I spent 3 hours at […]

I am Eeyore-ish

Very little progress – disappointing, but I was so fed up with the interminable digging that I thought I’d have a break from the plot for a week. Work has been a bit demanding too. The things I have done – potted on seedlings and germinated 15 sweetcorn for a […]

Red ant dance

Golden purslane wins the super speedy seed award – it was up the next day. I also have swedes (about 30 by the looks of the tray) and chicory and marketmore cucumbers. I’ll have a happy hour of fiddling about with seedlings tonight – they are so wispy I’ll need […]


Not a huge amount to report – I’m still digging, and a bit worried now that the clay is about to set like concrete and that’s it for the year. […]

Shed to the rescue

I thought I knew better than the weather forecast and ran up to the plot this evening to put in a bit more digging. Hmmmm, won’t be doing that again! I was trapped in the shed for about 30 mins when the heavens opened. It’s a bit cramped in there […]

Seedling tally

3 Burgess Buttercup, 2 Queen and 3 Kabocha squash up. No Sweet Dumpling, Autumn Crown or Uchiki Kuri.  The former were sown in flatter seed trays, the latter in 3in pots…I can’t help thinking that there is a link in there somewhere… Also showing are some poppies and one or […]

Digging continues

The kohlrabi, beans and harlequin squash are all up, nothing else is showing at all. I have seeds queuing at home, thanks to the brilliant Forum seed swap parcel and […]

Seed sowing apace

Sowed the following: 2 Sweet Dumpling (SD) in small brown pot, 2 Uchiki Kuri in small brown pot, 3 Harlequin squash in black tomato box, 8 violet podded climbing beans in black tomato box, 13 Kohlrabi in black tomato box, green seed tray flat leaved parsley, grey seed tray 2nd […]