This weekend I bought some twigs from Wilcos – the dog roses have been soaked and heeled in at the plot for prettifying the hedge later in the year and the loganberry is soaking in the kitchen to be potted up later tonight. Most of my seeds have arrived now – am looking forward to seeing what happens with the chervil roots.

When I was up at the plot I did try weeding a prospective bed and clearing some of the path, but it is so wet it’s just impossible. Realised one of my wellies has a hole…I don’t remember it being this bad last year, though it was wet, but Jeff from down the bottom says that it’s just how the site gets in winter. He’s had his plot for donkey’s years, so I guess he would know.

Harvested some kale, one of the 2 surviving fennel bulbs and some horseradish, which has to be the hardest thing to grub up on my plot. I put it in a 42L pot earlier last year, and I cannot get a decent-sized piece out. I may have to tip the whole thing out, break off what I want and stick the rest back in…

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