It turns out taking down an old (really quite old) greenhouse is at least twice as difficult as I thought it would be, and Hastings is surprisingly far away!

I spent most of last night looking at threads on taking a greenhouse apart, packed 2 boxes of gear in readiness and borrowed Mum’s pristine car. Which now has many spiders whizzing around excitedly in the back because the ginormous jigsaw puzzle is still in it. We’re too kn*ckered to move any more.

It really was a pig to take apart. The bolts had fused, so most had to be sheared off. My Beloved dropped the roof bar on my head, ‘forgetting’ that he’d already freed the other end. Personally I think that was payback for turfing him out of a warm bed before the sparrows had got up.  The lovely guy I bought it from lent us his tools and finally took pity on us and helped take the base apart. It helps having been a professional boxer…

What we didn’t break came home slowly with us – so as not to send 8ft bits of greenhouse through the windscreen. I need (best guess) 13 different-shaped panes of horticultural glass – possibly one of those being a louvre, a window fastener, a bag of aluminium nuts & bolts, some W and Z clips and some bricks/concrete blocks to make a base with. And a few days of good weather sometime in spring. I reckon it will be happy under a tarpaulin till then.

I also need a curry. And a big glass of wine.

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