Two butts are better than one

plot view 3 January 2014Today I are mostly…squelching about & setting up water butts.  I also took some snaps of the informal pond that is my plot. Will definitely think about digging some form of trench/pond over the next few weeks.

twobuttsThe second (free!) water butt is finally up, and has been filled with water from the first, which will hopefully make it more stable. It’s a bit exposed and only resting on a pile of scavenged bricks. I am a bit worried that it might go over in the storms. Turns out that the tap leaks too, so at some point I will need to fix/replace that. For now there is a watering can wedged under the tap.

The first water butt has had its drainpipe sorted again – it likes to come adrift. This time I drilled a small hole in the pipe and have tied that to the guttering with garden wire. Pesky thing had better stay put now!

Lionel was up there looking at his flooded beds. I gave him some sloes last year and he says the gin it made is cracking. We need to have a tasting session when I filter mine at Easter…if he has any left!

I got rained and hailed on, blasted by winds, had sopping wet jeans and streaks of mud across my face and was blissfully happy. Forgot to get horseradish for Sunday’s family roast though. D’oh!


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