New structures

Cleared out my garage so my leaky convertible has a house and can stop hosting puddles in the footwells and the seats.

Took up 6 x 60L bags of compressed leaves from the garage to the plot, which is even more boggy than before. I didn’t think that was possible!

At home the pea shoots are ready for their first haircut. I’ve sown another planter of them to keep my fingers from itching, plus some cress and some radishes. The wilco loganberry is in a pot and already sprouting green leaves. Am wondering whether or not to sow broad beans in pots at home, as I am going to be behind on digging again this year.

More chillies have given up. I think overwintering might just not be in my skillset!  I can’t seem to get rid of the small brown bugs on the plants, the fungus gnats or the greenfly. But then I might not need to next year because……*drumroll* I HAVE A GREENHOUSE!

I bagged an 8×6 glass greenhouse for 40 quid on fleabay. The downside is that it’s pretty far away, but it’s still A GREEEEEEEENHOUSE! Whoop!!! *runs round room with hands in the air*

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