Seedling tally

3 Burgess Buttercup, 2 Queen and 3 Kabocha squash up. No Sweet Dumpling, Autumn Crown or Uchiki Kuri.  The former were sown in flatter seed trays, the latter in 3in pots…I can’t help thinking that there is a link in there somewhere…

Also showing are some poppies and one or two parsley shoots.

I’ve sown 2 miniature white cukes, 2 potimarron (which I’ve just realised is the same as uchiki kuri – d’oh!) and 8 summer PSB (latter from the latest veg parcel, thank you!) the 3 in pots have until the weekend to show up, then they are being ditched.

I’ve just counted up. This makes 15 winter squash plants, when last year I only had 6. I need to stop sowing more squash and put the other seeds back in the box!!

The balcony is overflowing with plants that are hardening off to go on the plot. As is the flat. If I don’t get this in the ground soon, it will be my first 3rd-floor courgette!

flat courgette

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