Seed sowing apace

Sowed the following: 2 Sweet Dumpling (SD) in small brown pot, 2 Uchiki Kuri in small brown pot, 3 Harlequin squash in black tomato box, 8 violet podded climbing beans in black tomato box, 13 Kohlrabi in black tomato box, green seed tray flat leaved parsley, grey seed tray 2nd attempt at poppies (on top of compost this time!). (This is just in case the labels wash off again)

Potted on Kohlrabi (6 survivers) and I think 8 summer PSB, who are unhappy and might need ditching to do again. Put these out in the cold hall to go on the balcony after advice on here.

The replacement gooseberry plant is on the balcony and looks good. One on the plot is now starting to go brown at the edges.

The squash count so far is: 3 scallop, 2 thelma sanders, 1 mystery squash/courgette, BNS – 2 Avalon, 1 Hunter, courgettes: 1 8-Ball, 1 Italian striped, 1 yellow, 1 lebanese. Also 2 gherkins, 1 weedy-looking marketmore, 4 possible cucamelons  though that label’s come off, 4 other things that I have no clue about and new leaves are yet to come through. They might be sunflowers.

Things I need to think about planting soon: 3 more marketmores, 3 white cukes, more summer PSB, Brussels sprouts, amythest dwarf beans, more self-saved beans, yellow French beans, trail of tears beans, more spinach, some peas and swede.

Plus kale, pak choi, callalou and fennel, which didn’t germinate well last time. And some more tomatoes to put into the culticave – which I might be better off buying I think than starting from seed now. I thought I was nearly at the end of sowing for now, unbelievably, but actually this list is quite long and I bet I’ve forgotten some of the things that Michelle gave me.

And then there are the seeds I *accidentally* just ordered and the seed parcel which will hit my doorstep any day now…

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