Pre-holiday rushes

I am running around like a headless chicken trying to get all things ticked off on my list before we go away – for only FOUR days! Imagine the panic I’d be in if it were a proper holiday! I’d be at DefCon2 verging on 1.

With much heaving about, 4 bags of topsoil have been added to the green bed, it’s raked and housing 41 leeklings, a few of which are more chive-like, but some are very definitely biro-sized. I am very pleased. I have dibbed, dribbled growmore into the holes and puddled them in, all according to the book. I haven’t netted because I can’t find the stuff in the shed. Hopefully leek moth is not so bad on our site.

There are more fruit showing on the squashes – the ones by the shed are doing best, but have been in longest. Still nothing on the queensland blues, though the vines are extensive. Borlotti beans are flowering and are really pretty – didn’t know they had pink flowers.

balcony lettucesAt home we’ve been munching though the tub of juicy, sweet rainbowcarrots, and I am watching the little gem lettuces with glee because It’s Working! My first lettuces, out of reach of slugs.

I’ve also watered and will be watering again tomorrow morning as we’re forecast a lot of heat and I don’t want to ask my Mum to do too much.

Must add pictures to this too – it’s looking a bit dull.

For tomorrow the list is: a) pot on the smallest potted things in the culticave, b) dig out the horsetail I spotted in the strawberries, c) water everything very thoroughly and d) pick fruit if there is time.

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