Harvest barrow

barrow of harvestAn allotment first this weekend – having to barrow my harvest to the car!  And Lionel gave me some delicious figs – I wish I had space for a fig tree!

My goddaughter came to help dig up spuds. She is a fan of the sugar snaps and strawberries, thinks the courgettes for the seed circle are ‘awesome’ (her new favourite word) but my gorgeous  red gooseberries had her screwing up her face. She and her Mum left when their dogs started scrapping, loaded with spuds.

All the Lady C and Pentland Javelin are now up – and only 3 spuds got speared. Lady Christl had a multitude of pea-sized spudlings which were a real faff to find and get out. Pentland Javelin took the brunt of the slug attacks, but Lady C had some worm holes. Not weighed them yet, or tasted them. Charlottes and Desirees are still in the ground.

planting out watermelonI have put chicory and watermelons in their place and will be covering them with a large cloche to trick them into thinking that they are in a greenhouse. watermelonIf I can find all the bits. The Red Star watermelon from Lionel has a baby fruit on it, which is really exciting.

Looking at my list, I didn’t get much done. A combination of sunburn (Friday), rain (Saturday) and general faffing about (today). The blue bed’s up, but the right-hand green bed is still lurking now all the beans have been taken out. I’m about to hit a really busy spot at work so time is getting away from me, even with getting up early. I gave away my peas so I wouldn’t have to plant them. And the whole place could do with more water and some judicious feeding.

We’re doing plot inspections on Tuesday – should be interesting.

Edit: weighed spuds – Lady C were just over 11 kg (16 seed potatoes) and Pentland Javelin were just over 6 kg (8 £land seed potatoes) and this is only half of them! The Charlottes are mostly still to come, and the few Desirees. We might just be nearly self-sufficient in potatoes if I can figure out storage – the options are a cool kitchen or a slightly leaky garage…

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