Benefits of the longer days

Lovely long session post-work today – I really needed that and am feeling so relaxed and calm. I got there at about 6ish, armed with leeks, which aren’t in the ground but are at least a step closer. After 4 hours there I have:
– watered and turned 2 daleks full of manure;
– emptied and refilled the comfrey pipe (*gags*);
– pulled out horsetail from the path & my strawberry bed;
– put some tomatoes into bigger pots;
– drilled holes in the morrisons buckets ready for more tomatoes/peppers;
– removed mildewed courgette/squash leaves and cut them up for compost;
– entertained 2 small children more or less successfully with watering tasks and snacking on sugar snap peas, the last of the strawberries and some very ripe redcurrants – small children and Piero stripped the sugar snaps and they are ready to be taken down;
– sent one small child home to her Mum loaded down with courgettes ;
– dug the righthand green bed (previously broad beans & brassicas before that) to 1 spit deep ready for leeks, and 5 bags of soil need to be added to the bed;
– forgotten to pick sweetpeas.

Katie seems to be quite keen on the allotment. So far. I’ve offered her some space on the plot next year and said we can garden it together – ie I’ll do the watering & day to day checking but she has to decide what to plant and visit it regularly.

Also talked to my neighbour about her plot to relay what we’ve been discussing as a Committee and hear what she thinks of our proposals. Showed her some of the soon-to-be-vacated plots on the field as potential alternatives and will wait for her decision on it.

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