Hampton Court, some berries and a hotbin

Not had much time at the plot recently. My friend Maggie did a sterling impression of Mrs Overall when helping me move office and we spent a fabulous day at Hampton Court Flower Show as a reward – it’s very handy living nearby. With the river boat just a hop, skip and a jump away it’s a lovely journey too. Managed not to buy anything plant-related though I nearly succumbed to a lovely mature blueberry on the Blackmoor stand.

We’re away soon for a few days, and I need to get my watering sorted – Mum’s back from holidays soon so hopefully she will step in. I’ve picked some of the redcurrants (2kg) from her bushes. This spring we fed them, as a special treat, and the branches are so loaded with fruit that they are on the ground. There are still gooseberries, more red currants and the blackcurrants to pick and make into jams and jellies.

At the plot the slugs have had all the poppies again. They must be their favourite snack. So much for my small act of remembrance. The b*ggers have also eaten the growing tip of the rouge vif d’etamps, one of my paltry 4 celeriac and one of the butternuts. Pellets have been applied.

I have a new compost bin to add to the collection. I’ve been amazingly lucky and picked up a secondhand (free!) hotbin. I’ve really wanted to try one, but have been put off by the price.

I’m reaping the rewards of planting courgettes too close together and have powdery mildew appearing on the leaves. This time I am prepared and have potassium bicarbonate as per this (potassium bicarbonate 1 tsp per litre water). The sugar snaps also have mildew and need harvesting & taking down.

My oca no longer looks like a giant pompom. I am a little sad. The huge foliage got just too big, has collapsed and is now held up with twine round bamboo canes.

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