Plot inspections last night inbetween the showers. We will have a few plots for re-let soon, but what was great to see was how good most of the plots are looking this year.

At the plot, I watered the pots as I won’t be back there again till late Thursday or Friday and brought in more compost so I can start putting the strawberry runners into pots. Grazed on sugar snaps – not many are going to make it home!

Checked over the seed circle courgettes – there are 2 which have definitely taken, but the others look like the fruits didn’t get enough pollen. The plants are still very uneven in terms of male and female flowers. At the moment there is a male flower about to open, but no females even remotely close. And there aren’t any more male flowers.

The squashes are starting to set fruit – though other than the Crown Prince, there is only one fruit per vine.

I put in the cucumbers (finally) and also some of the potted oca. The cukes have some growmore with the compost and the gherkins have supagro – will be interested to see whether there is any difference in how they grow. Supagro whiffs a bit, but at least the fox won’t think I’ve buried something tasty in the cucumbers.

Sowed some kale in the shed for winter – the slugs took all the spring sown plants.

There was an amazing firework display at Hampton Court on Monday night – must have been for the start of the flower show. Hopefully getting to that on Friday afternoon, after a morning spent moving office…

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